What Causes The Clothes To Smell Burnt After Drying?

Washing our clothes is a tedious task, but it is one of those chores that must be completed. When we do our laundry, we expect our clothes to have a fresh scent, but if you notice that after a new wash and dry cycle, your clothes smell like they’ve been burned, there’s a problem!

Why Do My Clothes Smell Burnt After Drying?

If your dryer is defective or is not used and maintained properly, it may have broken parts that are not working properly. Dryers are the primary cause of a burnt smell in your clothes after they have been dried.

While your washer is running, it may smell burnt, but the smell will rarely transfer to your clothes as they are washed.

Mildew or moldy odor is also the most common odor in clothing. This can happen in one of two ways.

1. You left your wet clothes in the dryer for an excessive amount of time. This can occur if you load the machine but fail to turn it on. However, it is more common for the dryer to shut off before the clothes are completely dry, leaving them in damp conditions for an extended period of time.

Make certain that the dryer is set to run long enough to ensure that the clothes are completely dry. If you want to keep the running time to a minimum, make sure you’re there to remove the clothes as soon as the machine stops.

2. The most common cause of a moldy or mildewed odor in clothes is not even your dryer’s fault. This is most likely due to a problem with your washing machine.

Mold can and will grow in high-efficiency washing machines. The good news is that washing machine mold can be removed. Simply follow my mold removal in the washer’s corrective and maintenance steps.

Why Do Dryer Clothes Smell Bad?

If your clothes have a stale or less-than-fresh odor when they come out of the dryer, the good news is that it’s most likely not your dryer. The bacteria that caused the odor was most likely left behind by the washing machine.

Even clothes that smell clean after being washed can have odor-causing particles left behind. They are frequently concealed by scented laundry detergent and/or softeners. They are only released by the heat of the dryer.

Several factors can contribute to these odors lingering in the laundry. It’s possible that you:

1. The washing machine was overloaded. This makes it difficult for a high-efficiency machine to clean clothes properly. Try limiting loads to 5-6 adult-size jeans, 6-7 standard-sized bath towels, or the equivalent amount of other clothing items.

2. There is insufficient water in the machine. This is a common issue with almost all washing machines. The issue can be fixed by adjusting the water level sensor. Then the machine gets a lot of water and cleans much better.

3. Some bacteria that cause odors are more resistant than others. Use laundry sanitizer on clothes that have body odors. This is fantastic at removing clingy body odors.

What Should You Do If Your Clothes Stink After Washing?

Your washing machine requires cleaning. Washing machines have an annoying habit of retaining stagnant water, harboring limescale, bacteria, or mold, and clogging filters.

You can easily give your machine a thorough cleaning with very little elbow grease.

Use of too much (or not enough) laundry detergent

The excess detergent will not rinse away properly and may become trapped in the fabric, promoting waterlogging and mold growth. On the other hand, using too little detergent means your clothes will not be clean. Make sure to read the dosing instructions on the detergent packet or bottle.

Not allowing them to dry properly

Before you take your clothes off the line or out of the dryer, make sure they are completely dry. This could imply setting your dryer to ‘extra dry.’

If you prefer to iron your clothes while they are still damp, do so immediately rather than allowing your ironing pile to grow.

Clothes have been damply stored

This is related to the need to dry laundry quickly once more. If you store sheets, clothes, and towels that are even slightly damp, they will stink by the time you need them.

Clothes require breathing space

If air cannot circulate around clothes, they will begin to smell musty sooner. If possible, hang them rather than fold them. Also, leave some space between each item.

If you do need to fold them, try not to stuff your drawers to overflowing, this may necessitate a decluttering session.

How To Stop Your Dryer From Smelling?

Remember that prevention is always preferable to cure. It is critical to allow your dryer to air properly on a regular basis to prevent bad odors from returning.

You should never leave damp laundry in your dryer, and you should always clean the lint trap before using it. The dryer vent should be inspected regularly for dirt, debris, and damage.

If you notice a burning or strange odor, turn off your dryer immediately, remove your laundry, and contact one of our dryer repair specialists. When not in use, keep your dryer unplugged. Even when the power is turned off, power surges have been known to cause damage to appliances that are not in use.

Related Questions

How do I get the smell of fabric softener out of my dryer?

Add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle, then stop the washer and soak the laundry for an hour before finishing the rinse cycle. If your washing machine has an extra rinse cycle, use it, but don’t add anything to it.

How do you use dryer sheets to deodorize?

If you have an air conditioner, a dryer sheet can be placed on top of the filter. It will stay in place even without tape and will make your entire room smell fantastic. You can achieve the same effect by taping a dryer sheet to any heating or air conditioning vent in your home.


You may be concerned that the smell will not be removed from your clothes and fabrics. Now you have a general idea of what is causing the burnt smell in your clothes and are likely to have your appliances inspected and repaired.

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