Explosion of Washing Machine – What Can Be The Cause?

Problems and technical faults are associated with every electric appliance. If these faults are left untreated, they will permanently damage your appliance. 

Can washing machines explode?

Serious technical issues can lead to a machine explosion. The inappropriate working, slow performance, and abnormal sounds are signs that your machine has a major technical fault.

Washing machines are one of those appliances without which you can’t imagine an easy life. You must do laundry almost every three or four days. So, without a normal working washing machine, this is not possible.

A rare number of people have the habit of manually washing their clothes. But in this modern era of technology, the washing machine is indeed a blessing.

Why does a washing machine explode?

Any fault in a washing machine or any other electronic machine, if not properly treated, would ultimately cause big problems, even the explosion of a machine.

The parts of washing machines become loose with time. That causes the machine to work improperly. When the washtub of the machine rotates, it beats vigorously with the sides of the machine. That continual beating results in the breaking of washtub parts. 

If you continue to use the washing machine with a broken washtub, with the motor still running, it sometimes could be very dangerous. That results in an explosion in the room, with washer parts everywhere.

How to diagnose common washing machine problems?

Any problem with your washing machine will ultimately slow down your daily household. You will see leaps of laundry in your house if you do not immediately find a solution to this problem.

Following are some of the most common ways to diagnose washing problems that could explode your washing machine:

Your washing machine won’t start

It is a common symbol that your washing machine ran into some problem. To diagnose it, check the power supply.

The fault in the door lock

The fault in the door lock is visible damage to find out the problem. If the door is not properly locked, your machine won’t start. Check if there is a need to replace or repair your door interlock.

A Problem in the power supply or the control board

There may be a problem in your control board that is most unlikely to find out. If it has flopped, it won’t provide the proper voltage to the lock, the drive motor, or the fill valve, which will stop it from starting.

Be careful if you find any problem with the control board. I advise preferring to call a professional because some of the components harness the energy, and you could risk electric shock. So, stay safe and leave it to a professional plumber.

The machine can be overheated!

If the machine is overloaded or if it is a heavy wash day, your machine may be overheated. You should wait for it to cool down before restarting. 

What are the reasons for a washing machine explosion?

There are many faults associated with the washing machine explosion. The reasons can range from minor to major.

Most professionals say that faults are caused by coins, keys, and children’s toys hitting the glass at high speed. Newer models with bigger doors and higher spin cycles were thought to be more prone to exploding. One of the biggest sins is probably the overloaded drum.

What are the reasons for the washing machine leaking?

Leakage from the washing machine is also a matter of concern. As it is an electronic appliance, so this problem can be dangerous and results in electric shock.

Deposition of mineral or rust inside the machine

We usually do not care about the cleaning of the machine. That carelessness results in the deposition of rust or minerals in the hidden parts such as the drain hose.

The drain hose might get clogged, and the long deposition of rust causes damage. It also results in leakage of water because of no suitable way to move out. Clean the hose to get rid of this problem.

Damage to the water pump

Check out the water pump of the machine. It has several seals that can tear or break. Thoroughly check the water pump by opening it. 

Make sure to protect the floor with towels to catch any water that may pour out when you unscrew the pump filter cover. Check for damage, and look for a possible leak whether it needs to be replaced or not.

Related questions

Can washing machines catch on fire?

Yes, washing machines can be at a high risk of catching fire but under certain conditions. Worn out belts are a common cause. They need to be replaced after prolonged use. If not removed, they can cause the machine to overheat and cause a fire. In the end most of it boils down to poor maintenance and care of the appliance. Ignoring minor issues can eventually lead to mishaps.

Can a washing machine overheat?

Yes, a washing machine can overheat.

  • Excessive use or overloading of the machine can cause overheating. To avoid this, allow the machine to cool before loading it with the next pile of clothes.
  • An overheated machine can also indicate a faulty thermostat. It is best to call a technician to fix it.


Till now, we have discussed the causes of washing machine explosion, how to detect the problem, and how to fix it. It is clear that most of the time, it is our fault that causes a machine to explode. Sometimes, it may occur due to some technical issue. Whatever the reason may be, always be careful and follow the instructions. it is ideal to always perform a maintenance check and follow up with a technician in case of early detection of minor issues.

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