How To Remove Jeans Smell?

Jeans are made of durable materials, so they can last for a long time. Black jeans require a lot of dye and chemicals to keep their vibrant and strong colors which may lead to unusual odors.

Why Does Jeans Smell Bad?

If you’ve noticed an unpleasant odor emanating from your new jeans, you might be wondering what it is. This is due to formaldehyde. Many articles of clothing now contain formaldehyde to prevent them from molding during transit.

Jeans are sprayed with formaldehyde more frequently than other clothing. This could be because denim, unlike cotton, is more likely to retain moisture and thus mold. Whatever the reason, formaldehyde is a chemical that is commonly found in many articles of clothing.

If you haven’t noticed an unusual odor on your jeans before, you might know. It smells almost like chlorine, but there are clearly more chemicals involved. This is why some people have allergic reactions to new jeans if they are not washed first.

If you have sensitive skin and have always had a reaction when trying on a new pair of jeans, formaldehyde could be the culprit. Consider washing your jeans before putting them on, and wash them if you notice an unpleasant odor.

While formaldehyde isn’t good for us to breathe in, the amount used on new jeans is usually small enough that it doesn’t bother us. However, this does not prevent them from smelling bad, and formaldehyde can linger after a few washes!

How Do You Remove The Smell Of Black Jeans?

Now you have bought new jeans, but the unusual smell irritates you and you are not even sure where the foul odor is coming from? Don’t worry, you can get rid of that smell by using some of these tips for getting the smell out of black jeans.

Use of Borax

Borax can be used to remove fungi and chemical-based odors from black jeans.

Although it is not a common household item, borax is as adaptable as it is effective. It is especially effective at removing fungi and chemical-based odors.

Use Castile Soap

To get rid of the smell of black jeans, use castile soap. When combined with water, it produces a reaction that aids in the removal of the odor. Hand-wash your new jeans with castile soap for a gentle way to remove the dye-like odors.

Use Oxygen Bleach (Oxyclean)

If none of the other remedies worked, try Oxygen Bleach (Oxyclean). In this case, oxygen bleach penetrates deep into clothing fibers to rid new jeans of chemical odors. As usual, wash them.

Make sure to clean your new jeans separately to avoid absorbing some of the chemical smell or color into your other clothing. Investigate extra-skilled methods for cleaning your jeans.

How To Get Rid Of Chemical Odors In New Jeans?

Jeans are a versatile staple of almost every closet, whether you wear them for fashion or function. Brand new denim from a factory arrives stiff and rife with dyes and toxins from the manufacturing process.

It is critical to remove chemical odors from new jeans not only so that you can get those babies exactly how you want them, but also to protect your skin from irritants.

Hang In Open-air

Hang your new clothes out in the open air before washing them to remove the chemicals in the fabric and reduce the strength of the odor.

Soak In Warm Water With Baking Soda

Soak your clothes in warm water with baking soda. Baking soda is an excellent natural absorbent, and this method will help absorb and remove chemical odors from new jeans and denim while retaining their colors.

Right Choice Of Detergent

The detergent you use may make a difference. If you use detergents containing synthetic chemicals, they may gradually wear down the fabric in your jeans, causing them to fade and fray over time.

Green laundry detergents made from vegetables and other natural ingredients can be used to remove odors and stains while protecting the fabric from wear and tear.

Air drying-After washing, air dry them outside. However, avoid exposing your denim and other clothes to direct sunlight, as this can cause the dye to fade.

How To Remove Jeans Smell Without Washing Them?

Most problems in life can be solved with a healthy dose of fresh air. Your new stinky jeans are no exception. Without washing your jeans, hang them inside-out in the sunlight to reduce and eliminate odors.

Chemicals that cause odor will be broken down by UV light. These rays are so strong that they can bleach fabric (which is why you should always wear your new jeans inside out). By spraying your jeans with diluted vinegar, you can hasten the sun’s odor-eliminating effect.

Related Questions

What causes the odor of damp clothes?

Damp clothes in dark places frequently lead to mold or mildew issues, resulting in that musty, sour odor. If that happens it means that you are not properly cleaning your clothes. Before putting your clothes away, make sure they are completely dry.

Why do my clothes have a musty odor?

Mold or mildew has grown on your clothes, causing a musty odor. This can happen to clothes that have been stored in a dark and humid environment for an extended amount of time, or it can be a sign that mold or mildew is present in your washing machine or dryer.


When you buy jeans, especially black ones, they may smell strongly of dye. You can remove the odor by using a washing routine that safely removes the odor without causing your jeans to fade.

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