Is it Safe to Put Fabric Softener in a Wax Warmer?

A fabric softener is a must thing in every house used in the laundry for giving a smooth touch and nice fragrance to clothes. Along with that, a wax warmer is an equally important accessory. Many people make use of wax warmer to enrich their house with a pleasant smell by utilizing a fabric softener. But the question is, is it safe or not?

Can You Put Fabric Softener In A Wax Warmer?

Fresh clothes are one of the few smells that fill the house. If you enjoy using a wax warmer to fill your home with pleasant scents, this seems like a no-brainer.

However, there are some risks to be aware of before pouring some fabric softener into your wax warmer as it is not specifically designed for a fabric softener.

Why Is Using Fabric Softener In Your Wax Warmer Not a Good Idea?

A wax warmer has the basic function of melting the wax. Putting any sort of chemical-containing product might affect its functionality. Also, be aware of the dangers associated with these chemicals.

Some of the potential hazards of putting a fabric softener in a wax warmer are given below:

It Might Be Difficult to Remove

Wax warmers are intended to be used with wax melts. It can be difficult to clean off other products that contain different chemicals when you first start using them.

If you have a nice white wax warmer, you might want to reconsider using a bright blue softener. It might be difficult to remove and could simply leave a permanent blue stain.

The Chemicals Could Be Harmful

This is a serious issue that is far worse than having a stain in your warmer that you can’t get out of. Always make sure to examine the label on the back of the fabric softener. If it says to keep it away from all sensitive areas of your body, to wash your hands after touching it, and not to ingest it, do so.

You will almost void your warranty

Using anything other than wax melts in your warmer will almost certainly void your warranty. This may be acceptable if you have had it for a long time, but if your unit is still under warranty, avoid doing so.

Just imagine something else going wrong. Even though it will not the softener that caused the problem, you will not be able to return it for a replacement.

How Does a Wax Warmer Work?

A wax warmer is a product designed and used only for melting wax. But many people use it for various other purposes as well.

The most common among them are for boiling laundry detergents or fabric softeners to make their house smell better. This is a useful thing, but it can be dangerous sometimes especially for children and old people.

Besides these facts, one should have a thorough understanding about how a wax warmer works:

Wax warmers are filled with wax melts, which release fragrance as they melt. They melt as a result of a heat source, the type of which varies. Some warmers make use of light bulbs or electric bulbs in some cases, while others may use a tiled candle, which must be blown out after the melting process is complete to ensure fire safety.

The operation differs depending on the type of wax heated. If you buy a warmer, make sure you understand which heat source is required to run it properly. In case you want to avoid flames, avoid purchasing a warmer that requires a teal candle to melt the wax.

How To Use Fabric Softener In Wax Warmer?

Fabric softener is not only used in the laundry. Besides the harmful effects of using fabric softener in a wax warmer, this tactic is still in use by many people. It is essentially done to make the house smell better.

Add one capful of softener to two capfuls of water, simmer, and enjoy the scent of freshly washed clothes throughout your home. In a spray bottle, dilute with another capful or two of water for a fresh room spray, or place inside a wax warmer to spread the aroma around.

Related questions

Is it possible to use fabric softener as a spray?

If you have a place in your home where bugs seem to gather, liquid fabric softener is the solution. Fill a spray bottle halfway with water and top it off with a few drops of fabric softener. Spray in the areas where they are known to congregate. Bugs dislike strong odors and like to avoid them.

Is Using Laundry Detergent in a Wax Warmer Safe?

No, putting laundry detergent in a wax warmer is not safe. No, putting laundry detergent in a wax warmer is not safe. If you use laundry detergent in a wax warmer to improve the smell of your home, of course, it will give your home a pleasant fragrance, but it is hazardous to your health.

Why do my wax melts not last long?

If you are experimenting with using a sweet-smelling jar, keep in mind that it can get too hot for your wax to melt and quickly burn the fragrance out, causing it to lose the scent. Also, if your wax warmer does not have a timer, set an alarm to avoid wasting the scent of your wax melts.


Like every other thing, using fabric softener in a wax warmer has its own pros and cons. On one end, it does help in making your house smell full of beautiful fragrances but on the other hand, it can have some serious consequences. The most common among them is asthma, other respiratory problems, etc. So, one should avoid using fabric softener in a wax warmer.

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