Bleach And Detergent: A Dynamic Duo!

Do I Use Bleach And Detergent At The Same Time

Ready to kick up your laundry game by adding some bleach to the mix? Good call! Combining bleach and detergent can be a powerful one-two punch for blasting tough stains, but it’s best to approach it cautiously.  Since combining chlorine-based bleach and certain types of detergents can create dangerous cleaning compounds, research before mixing them … Read more

Don’t Use Bleach – Use Hypochlorous Acid Instead!

Is Hypochlorous Acid The Same As Bleach

One of the most fundamental explanations for why hypochlorous is a far better disinfectant than bleach has to do with pH. The pH of hypochlorous acid is almost neutral (5-7). The pH of bleach is somewhat alkaline (8-13).  Bleach’s antimicrobial qualities come from the presence of hypochlorous acid. However, due to its high pH, bleach’s … Read more

Removes Grease And Grime!

Does Degreaser Have Bleach In It

Don’t you get frustrated occasionally trying to remove those tough, oily stains from metal surfaces and tops? If you’ve looked for a long-lasting solution to this problem but were unsuccessful, look no further.  The solution to all of your cleaning issues is a degreaser. It is fantastic for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and elsewhere surfaces. … Read more

Screen Printed Shirt: Can You Bleach It?

Can You Bleach Over Screen Print

Have you ever wondered why your white laundry always looks dingy? You probably know that bleaching is an effective way to brighten whites, but it can be complicated.  Due to different laundry types, there should be other ways. There are two main types of bleach: chlorine and oxygen. Chlorine bleach is the most common type … Read more

Bleach 101: Can It Kill Bees?

Does Bleach Kill Bees

They buzz around our heads, sting our skin, and gather on our flowers. It’s no secret that bees can be a nuisance. They’re one of the most common household pests. But what exactly makes them so annoying?  Well, for one thing, bees are attracted to sweet smells. This means they’re often drawn to the sugary … Read more

Recycling Bleach Bottles: Is It Possible?

Can You Recycle Bleach Bottles

Bleach is a need if you want to clean something. Everyone has a bottle of bleach stashed away in their house, ready to be used if a cleaning task needs to be done right away.  Bleaches are a necessary cleaning tool. Despite their similarities and common confusion, bleaches and disinfectants have minor variances. Bleach is … Read more

Bleach 101: Can It Kill Snakes

Will Bleach Kill Snakes

Snakes have been around since the dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes. Some people are afraid of them, while others find them fascinating.  They can be found in almost every corner of the world and play an essential role in many ecosystems. Although they are often feared, snakes are generally harmless to humans.  Many … Read more

Leaving Bleach Overnight: Is It Safe?

Can You Let Bleach Sit Overnight

Bleach is one of the best cleaning agents for sanitising surfaces and eliminating germs and viruses.  It has been demonstrated that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, may be effectively cleaned using bleach.  Bleach is a fantastic technique to clean your food surfaces to avoid cross-contamination and is a powerful disinfectant.  It’s crucial to preserve, … Read more